1. @JohnPhilpin thanks so much for the reply. It’s amazing in real life. People genuinely light up. Has anyone done a round up of the best ways to get mico.blog and blot.im to play nice? I’ve read Amit’s posts, but that’s it so far.

  2. @Mattfinlayson I have some links on the community page but actually not even Amit’s yet. Really depend what you want to do.

    I have two blot sites … words.philpin.com and pictures.philpin.com which are both in the mode of being filled with a backlog of materials and also putting new stuff there aswell.

    I have simply added the blot rss to micro blog – so it all gets aggregated there abdvthen routes outwards to wherever.

    Not yet done the web mentions … but will be doing that when I sit down and look properly.

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