1. @Mattfinlayson I did, though it was in stages. Self-hosted WP -> free hosted WP -> hosted MB.

    Other than exporting my data and saving the relevant custom CSS, there wasn’t much for me to do. However, I didn’t have a site full of different plugins, portfolios, and custom code built into the theme so my site was already near-MB already.

  2. @Mattfinlayson I made that move a couple of weeks ago. Just be sure you import into Micro.blog before you change DNS to point to Micro.blog else the photos won’t be imported.

  3. @stevepbrady a handful or reasons, I’d like to support micro.blog more (currently on $2 plan). I also frequently have formatting problems in my posts. Also I don’t love running WordPress on a VPS, I’m always waiting to see it get exploited.

  4. @Mattfinlayson When I first tried Micro.blog and it’s apps in January there were some areas that were real limitations for me. Since then it’s improved a lot and is now at the point I don’t want to be bothered maintaining a WordPress instance. I like to have as simple a setup as possible.

  5. @Mattfinlayson Pretty much the same as Ron. For my own blog I want as little friction as possible but beyond that it is definitely appealing to be on a service centred so much around blogging. I’m sure running a CMS is what some people need for their personal site but I’d rather have somebody else run my personal site if I needed to also turn to that kind of software.

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