Has anyone made the conversion from a self hosted wordpress instance to a hosted micro.blog account? I don’t really see much documentation on it.

Streaks has been really helpful lately as I try to get back to practicing the habits I value. It integrates with HealthKit to complete tasks for me (like mindfulness meditation). The watch complication makes logging completions easy. Don’t break the chain. It’s worth the $5.

On manager README’s

… there is no way to write these and not be self-serving. You are writing them presumably to shortcut problems that arise when people misunderstand your behavior or when they act in a way you don’t like or otherwise violate some expectations that you believe are within your rights to set.

Camille Fournier I hate manager README’s

4yo is trying to figure out knock knock jokes. The results are bizarre and pretty funny the first time.

Knock knock!
Who’s there?
Watermelon who?