In the 20th century, the US passed laws that outlawed lead in paint and gasoline, that defined how much privacy a landlord needs to give his tenants, and that determined how much a phone company can surveil its customers. We can decide how we want to handle digital surveillance, attention-channeling, harassment, data collection, and algorithmic decision­making. We just need to start the discussion.

– Wired: It’s the Golden Age of Free Speech

I’m a sucker for those 5 morning habit listicles that seem to fill medium. Of all of them I think this is the only one of real substance. Wake early, meaningfully invest in yourself, and spend the time to reflect on it.

Does anyone have an indispensable Apple Watch app I should try? So far fantastical, overcast, darksky, and gulps are the main third party ones I actually use.

@marco I see your posts in your timeline, did you do something fancy or just add your normal RSS feed to your account?